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What kind of healthcare brand planner are you?

Many of us will now be fully immersed in ‘brand planning season’ whether you are in global, regional or a local role. The Uptake team have pooled our collective experience working with different teams to create 6 ‘brand planning personas’ –  some humorous stereotypes reflecting how different commercial leaders approach brand planning with their capabilities, blind spots and future desires.

Which one most resembles you? Click on each persona to find out more about them.


On a more serious note, leading a cross-functional team to create a strong strategic, operational and measurable brand plan built on strong customer insight takes time and careful planning – we call this ‘planning the plan’. It’s important to draw on each cross-functional team member’s unique skill-set and experience, to harness external input from customers as well as valued agency partners.

We’d also recommend building in protected chunks of time to do deep dive sessions into different strategic questions that need to be addressed in the plan – this thinking time is so important to mine your customer insight or really understand the competitive dynamics or changes in the patient journey through your local healthcare system. It’s also important to define the different audiences for your plan, to know the timelines you are working to and the final format needed.

Don’t forget to bring your plan to life with pictures and personas of the patients, physicians and decision-makers creating a story for your brand plan with these different characters.