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Visionary Brand Planning

Actionable pharmaceutical brand planning thought leadership and tools

After delivering over 200 impactful brand plans for global pharmaceutical clients, Uptake’s healthcare consultants confidently profess to knowing a thing or two about what exceptional looks like in this space. 

The landscape is now changing at an unprecedented pace, and constant digital evolutions are creating complexities, leading to both huge opportunities to harness new technologies, and inefficiencies and dilution of effectiveness in brand planning. 

In this new, multi-part resource pack, experts from across the consultancy have shared their evidence- and experience-based insights to tackle the most pressing considerations for those investing in brand planning in 2024 and beyond.

The pack includes three articles, an impact evaluation framework, and a team-building ‘Pitfall Persona’ game, which aims to encourage open conversation and capability discussion, to unlock opportunities to develop and achieve exceptional brand planning performance.

Download the resource pack to get started!

What’s included in the Visionary Brand Planning resource pack?


Step One: Three articles

Download all three articles as a PDF

Step 2: Impact Evaluation Framework

Let’s fast forward:

You’ve created your brand plan, avoiding all the above potential pitfalls – well done! Now, how can you go further, fully optimising it to drive uptake?

Uptake’s proprietary brand planning impact evaluation framework gives brand teams the ability to forecast likely success and focus efforts on the improvements required for maximum impact.

Download the Brand Planning Impact Evaluation Framework

Step 3: Team Engagement

Introducing the ‘Pitfall Persona Game’

For many of us in the pharmaceutical industry, when fully immersed in ‘brand planning season’ whether we are in a global, regional or a local role, we can end up focusing on the ‘what’, following a standard structure, without thinking about innovating the ‘how.’

The Uptake team have pooled our collective experience working with our different client teams to create 10 ‘brand planning pitfall personas’, which reflect how commercial leaders and teams stereotypically set themselves up for failure.

How to play:

Each player must individually read each pitfall persona and determine whether they see the team in it. Have they seen the company or team falling into this pitfall before, or do they feel it’s likely to happen again? If yes, they must cut that persona out and stick it on the persona map in the appropriate zone.

As a group, honestly discuss the personas, and your findings.

Your map will show a collective view of where you are most at risk, and where you have the most opportunity to work as a team to ensure you don’t succumb to one of the pitfalls. Use this as a platform for discussion about ways you can collaborate, transform team capability, and create a robust brand plan.

Download the Pitfall Persona Game

Step 4: Get in touch

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Founder and CEO

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Managing Director

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Head of Growth and Innovation – Partner

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Practice Principal

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