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Uptake 1000

Inspiring the next generation to join the Pharma industry

“Uptake 1000 is our way of giving back to this exciting and dynamic industry that we have been proud to be a part of throughout our careers”

Stephanie Hall & Maxine Smith (2021 launch of Uptake 1000)

Over the next 10 years, we are committed to inspiring the next generation of Pharma and Biotech leaders by educating and supporting 1000 graduates through 3 main routes to begin their careers within the industry.

Pharma & Biotech Academy

As part of our #Uptake1000 commitment in 2019, we started an annual Pharma and Biotech Academy for recent graduates, undergraduates, and post-graduate students interested in a career in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry.

Our 4-day mini-internship programme, led by industry leaders and recruiters from global pharmaceutical companies and our own expert consulting team, is a great opportunity for students to strengthen their pharmaceutical industry knowledge and build valuable skills for a successful future career in the pharma and biotech industry.

To apply for this year’s academy (6 – 9 September 2022) please follow the link below.

Uptake Strategies Pharma and Biotech Academy 2022


We are also proud to partner with In2ScienceUK, which empowers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their potential through life changing opportunities that give them insights into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers and research, whilst boosting their skills and confidence.

Fast-Track Graduate Programme

For those aspiring to take their careers to the next level

As a high growth, award-winning global healthcare consultancy, we also have an established graduate programme, having recruited, and retained many highly talented graduates since October 2017. The fast-track graduate scheme offers a varied and stimulating programme of development, training, and coaching.

Our graduates learn about the structure and skills required to be successful in the pharmaceutical industry across therapy areas such as oncology, specialty care, rare diseases, and vaccines.

We also sponsor our graduates with qualifications in marketing, finance, line management, project management, and general business skills so that they can choose to pursue a career path that suits their competencies and interests.

Why join the Uptake Strategies Graduate programme?

You will build the foundations for a successful career in commercial healthcare.

You will work directly on exciting client projects with the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies across a range of therapy areas and leading brands.

You will gain international experience will have the opportunity to use these skills in client work through virtual working and, where appropriate, and possible, international travel.

You will have access to fantastic professional development resources, to provide an accelerated development pathway.

How to apply for our graduate programme?

Email for information about our next graduate intake.

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