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Inspiring the next generation of pharma and biotech industry leaders

Uptake1000 was launched in 2019, as part of Uptake’s mission be a force for growth in the pharma and biotech industry.  

We have pledged to inspire the next generation of industry professionals by educating and supporting 1,000 graduates to begin their pharma and biotech careers, through three pathways; career talks and events with university level students, the Uptake Fast-Track Graduate Programme, and a partnership with In2scienceUK. 

Since the inception of Uptake1000, participants and alumni from all three pathways have benefited from becoming members of the Uptake1000 Network. Many of these members have gone on to develop flourishing careers within the pharma and biotech industry and are now able to share unique insights and advice. 

“Uptake1000 is our way of giving back to this exciting and dynamic industry that we have been proud to be a part of throughout our careers”

Stephanie Hall, Chief Executive Officer and Maxine Smith, Managing Director

Empowering Futures with Engaging Career Talks and Events with University Students

Career Talks: An In-Depth Insight into the Pharma Industry

Uptake’s Founder and CEO Stephanie Hall is not only a leader in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, but she is also a committed founder and mentor behind our Uptake 1000 commitment, actively shaping the careers of future professionals. Stephanie’s dedication to nurturing talent is evident through her engaging career talks and events with university students.

In these sessions, Stephanie shares vital insights, skills, and industry details essential for navigating the pharma and biotech landscape. From the intricacies of launching treatments to the nuances of regulatory affairs, the discussions cover a spectrum of topics and allow the students to understand the different roles there are to choose from.

The events led by Stephanie and our team go beyond sharing information but act as a catalyst for inspiration. Through sharing personal experiences, passion is ignited within the students, while motivating them to explore the potential of positively impacting patients’ lives. Uptake’s career talks are the bridge between academia and the industry, creating avenues for mentorship and internships. It is our mission to ensure that the next generation are well-prepared and connected as they discover the possibilities of entering the dynamic world we operate in.

We have three confirmed dates for career talks in 2024!

14th March, King’s. College London: Stephanie will be facilitating a face-to-face STEM2Consulting presentation for the Women in Bioscience Society, as part of their “STEM2” series of events. The presentations are aimed at STEM students who do not want to work in labs, but want to explore the wider pharmaceutical industry. Stephanie will be sharing her experiences of healthcare consultancy to inspire the students to navigate their future careers, and understand the options available to them.

1st May, Queen Mary’s University: A virtual talk with members of the Biomedics’ Society.

8th May, Nottingham University: Stephanie will be joining 60 participants of the Biotech Society.

Join us in empowering students to shape their future careers, contact us to request a tailored career talk for your university society from our expert speakers today.

Let’s inspire and equip the next generation for success!


Uptake1000 Academy

An insightful exploration of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, revealing future possibilities to today’s graduates.

Uptake1000 Academy (previously Pharma and Biotech Academy) is a three-day interactive virtual event which represents a step in Uptake’s Uptake1000 commitment to inspire the next generation of pharma and biotech leaders by educating and supporting 1,000 graduates to begin their careers in the industry.

Designed for graduates completing a postgraduate qualification, and undergraduates interested in a career within the pharma and biotech industry, the programme enabled delegates to build their network and uncover more about careers in the industry.

Throughout the event, participants benefit from one-to-one access to highly experienced industry specialists, who are readily sharing knowledge and answering questions. For selected participants who demonstrate a particularly elevated level of dedication and interest over the three-day programme, specialists are prepared to offer mentoring services following the Uptake1000 Academy.

The academies programme comprised of talks, workshops, and collaborative sessions:

Day 1 – Industry overview, R&D process, largest companies, therapy areas, key companies and processes + guest speaker

Day 2 – Pharmaceutical strategy, brand planning and use of omnichannel marketing + guest speakers

Day 3 – Pharma case (MBA) and assessment exercises + guest speaker: Graduate recruiter from a global pharma company. Debrief and digital certificates

Previous participants have completed the academy with a deeper understanding of the industry, and confidence to take their first steps towards a flourishing career. All students have received a certificate of attendance, an introduction to leading pharma company graduate programmes, along with access to future career planning support.  


We are also proud to partner with In2scienceUK, which empowers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their potential through life changing opportunities that give them insights into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers and research, whilst boosting their skills and confidence.

Fast-Track Graduate Programme

For those aspiring to take their careers to the next level

As a high growth, award-winning global healthcare consultancy, we also have an established graduate programme, having recruited, and retained many highly talented graduates since October 2017. The fast-track graduate scheme offers a varied and stimulating programme of development, training, and coaching.

Our graduates learn about the structure and skills required to be successful in the pharmaceutical industry across therapy areas such as oncology, specialty care, rare diseases, and vaccines.

We also sponsor our graduates with qualifications in marketing, finance, line management, project management, and general business skills so that they can choose to pursue a career path that suits their competencies and interests.

Why join the Uptake Strategies Graduate programme?

You will build the foundations for a successful career in commercial healthcare.

You will work directly on exciting client projects with the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies across a range of therapy areas and leading brands.

You will gain international experience will have the opportunity to use these skills in client work through virtual working and, where appropriate, and possible, international travel.

You will have access to fantastic professional development resources, to provide an accelerated development pathway.

How to apply for our graduate programme?

Email for information about our next graduate intake.

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