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Unlocking the Key to Meaningful and Valued Omnichannel Connections

Leading the way through the Omnichannel maze


As we strive to better engage with customers and personalise interactions, how can we make each connection more meaningful? 

Authored by Maxine Smith, Managing Director, Uptake Strategies for Communiqué 51 Magazine.

In this article, Maxine Smith, highlights within the healthcare industry, there is a tendency to prioritise technology and processes over the human need to connect and communicate. Maxine advocates for a more people-centric approach to Omnichannel communication. Emphasising emotion and purpose in crafting messages and using a bespoke approach and tone of voice for each channel is essential.

Maxine suggests the goal should be to create meaningful and genuine connections that engage customers and participants in purposeful conversation. This is enabled by technology but centred on human connection.

While technology is essential, it is vital to prioritise human connection and emotion. The energy for Omnichannel needs to be shaped away from pure tech and process-focussed towards a people-centric Omnichannel future.

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The Communication Revolution – have we lost the human touch?

I think it is fair to say that across the healthcare industry, the last couple of years have been dominated by the topic of omnichannel communication.  It has been the focus of pretty much every pharma and biotech company as we strive to better engage with customers, to personalise interactions and to make each connection more meaningful and more valued.

But, despite all the conversations, if you were asked to define Omnichannel on stage in front of an audience of peers, how comfortable would you be that your definition would be wholly accurate and all-encompassing? The technology that underpins this fundamental change in how, what and when we communicate can appear complicated and daunting to the individuals and teams who are tasked with leading the way through the omnichannel maze. At no other point in time have we as industry professionals been so focused on how we communicate, yet so overwhelmed by imposter syndrome and doubt.

This makes me wonder – while we are increasingly busy debating which channels, tech stacks, CRM systems, or tagging strategies to use, are we are forgetting the very reasons we communicate? Among them is our wish to discuss, to challenge, to empathise, to question, and to validate. And, at the core of any communication is the basic human need to connect, to be reassured that we are not alone.  My hope for 2023 is that the energy for omnichannel is shaped away from a pure tech and process focused approach towards a people centric Omnichannel future.

To do this we must first remove the mystique from Omnichannel, using emotion and purpose to carve a path through the overwhelm. Doing so will empower us to fully embrace the wonderful world of communications, leading to the impact we so desire.

The fundamentals are key – gaining clarity on what we are trying to say, how we would like to say it, and what we would like in response. The last few years have seen the volume of digital content explode, but I feel we still have an opportunity to cut through, by saying more with less. Let’s consider how we can maximise the impact of our channels by sharing focused, shorter, purposeful communications which feel genuine.

Optimising communication starts internally with the way we plan, build, and sequence, ensuring that a bespoke approach and tone of voice is applied to each carefully chosen channel. We should check for evidence of our root emotion across each piece of communication, whether that is commitment, excitement, passion, a sense of humour, sadness, or frustration. People connect with people, and a clear demonstration of human emotion at each touchpoint is a formidable differentiator in a world consumed with technology.

By layering activity in this more meaningful way, we can weave a tapestry of rich communications, creating enticing depth, building the emotional intensity, and truly engaging our desired participants in a purposeful conversation. I am optimistic that with this approach, the next phase of Omnichannel can be incredibly impactful – enabled by tech, while inspiring lasting human connections.

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