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Unleashing your Omnichannel confidence: Transforming pharma customer engagement

Innovative Impact Blog: Confidently Omnichannel – The Critical Role of Customer Engagement

Authored by David Thwaites, Omnichannel Account Manager, Uptake Strategies for PME Impactful Innovation Blog.

In this article for Pharma Market Europe, David Thwaites, explains the importance of delivering a true omnichannel experience to customers. He highlights that a lack of innovation can be a barrier to genuine engagement and that automation and machine learning are necessary to serve interconnected, personalised experiences.

Qualitative insights and data patterns should inform decisions at both a broad and individual level. David suggests that companies can learn from other industries to achieve true omnichannel, and it’s essential to listen to customers and continuously check the approach to ensure total customer-centricity. Finally, he suggests breaking the challenge down into manageable, actionable pieces and starting with a small “test and learn” exercise with customer management at its heart.

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