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The Pharma Marketing Reset – Part Three

The Pharma Marketing Reset: Patient-centricity

The radical change to deliver patient and customer-centric engagement 

This 4-part white paper is written by SOPHIE STIEWE, a Graduate Marketing and Project Management Assistant at Uptake Strategies’. Sophie has a Master of Biochemistry in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford. During her studies, she acquired a variety of practical experiences within the pharmaceutical industry via internships, competitions, and masterclasses at industry-leading companies. She is presently on a two-year fast track Graduate scheme and pursuing her interest in marketing by studying towards a CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing.

Part 3: Patient-centricity

Given our everyday exposure to excellent customer experiences in most areas of our lives, as patients, our expectations for an excellent ‘patient experience’ are increasing. Studies suggest, however, that this need is not fully being met by the pharma / biotech industry. What does pharma need to do to bridge the gap between these expectations and the current level of delivery? In the third of our 4-part series ‘The Pharma Marketing Reset,’ we explore:

1 – Driving greater focus on the patient including:
– Gaining a better understanding of patient needs
– Developing better measurement models to track patient-centric strategies
– Investigating how services beyond the product can help meet these needs

2 – The implications of an increased focus on patients for marketing, particularly for the current organisational structures of marketing teams

3 – Practical tips for being a patient-centric brand team

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