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Tag: planning

Unlocking Agility: Driving Innovation in Pharma with Agile Planning

Unlocking agility: How agile planning can help leaders drive innovation in the global pharmaceutical industry Stephanie Hall, Founder and CEO, Uptake Strategies  Agile planning is increasingly being applied in a range of industries, including the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, to help leaders make better decisions and drive innovation. Melissa Dagless,

Joyful Agility: HR’s Transformational Role in Times of Change

From Uncertainty to Joyful Agility: HR's Transformational Role in Times of Change Chelsea Foxwell, Head of People and Operations, Uptake Strategies  As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of business, it's essential that HR leaders embrace and encourage agility and boldness. Melissa Dagless, Head of Growth and Innovation at Uptake Strategies

Uptake Strategies Supports Rare Disease Day

Each year, the Uptake Team recognises Rare Disease Day – the globally-coordinated movement on rare diseases, working towards equity in social opportunity, healthcare, and access to diagnosis and therapies for the 300,000,000 people living with a rare disease around the world. Set up and coordinated by EURORDIS and 65+ national

Pharma Marketers’ Blog: Segmentation – Are We Missing the Mark?

Authored by Maxine Smith, Managing Director, Uptake for the PME Pharma Marketers’ Blog. Within this article, Maxine poses the question, ‘Why should we be using segmentation, and what should we be looking for to know that we are getting it right?’ Maxine highlights that to deliver effective omnichannel campaigns, we

Pharma Marketers’ Blog: How Strong Is Your Brand?

Authored by Maxine Smith, Managing Director, Uptake for the PME Pharma Marketers’ Blog In this article, Maxine explains that if we want to reap the benefits of a strong brand, inspire our teams, and share the passion with our customers, we need to plan our tactics, programmes and the channels