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Key Launch Capabilities for a Rare Disease Launch

What makes a rare disease launch? Authored by Stephanie Hall, Founder and CEO, Uptake.  It's a question that has fuelled our efforts in the pharmaceutical industry, as more and more rare disease indications and launches come to market in our industry. It's inspiring to observe pharmaceutical teams achieve success in

Seven steps to exceptional pharmaceutical launches

Why capability gaps and shortcuts are not an option Authored by Jo Lopez, Practice Principal, Launch Excellence and Early Commercialisation Lead, Uptake for PME Innovative Impact Blog. In this article for Pharma Market Europe, Jo explains how to strategically develop and leverage organisational capabilities to navigate the immense pressure and consequences

Navigating the evolving early commercialisation and launch landscape

Innovative Impact Blog: Navigating the Evolving Early Commercialisation and Pharma Launch Landscape: Eight Powerful Opportunities Authored by Jo (Wake) Lopez, Practice Consultant: Early Commercialisation and Launch Excellence, Uptake for PME Innovative Impact Blog. In this article for Pharma Market Europe, Jo highlights the eight powerful opportunities that empower collaboration and foster

Uptake unveils a bold, refreshed brand identity

The same exceptional team. The same exceptional service. Refreshed. 17th April 2023 marks a momentous day for Uptake, the day we proudly unveil our refreshed brand identity. For 18 years, we have been providing exceptional healthcare consultancy services to pharma and biotech clients worldwide. And now, we believe it’s the

Pharma Marketers’ Blog: Be Prepared!

As we start our launch planning and activities, they can feel a bit like a lengthy expedition! Authored by Maxine Smith, Managing Director, Uptake for the PME Pharma Marketers' Blog In this article, Maxine highlighted the preparatory steps that some teams miss. These steps are understanding what launch excellence or

The Guide to Pharma Launch Excellence Success

Uptake’s Founder and CEO, Stephanie Hall, has compiled a 7-Part Launch Leaders’ how-to-guide, which you can read below. The Launch Leaders’ guide explores concepts from whether to delay or not delay a pharma launch, what the launch environment will look like in the next ‘normal’ in light of the COVID-19 pandemic,

Launch Excellence Virtual Series | PM Society

Are you launching in the next 12-18 months? Do you and your team want to increase your launch skills, mindset, capability, and confidence to launch your brand successfully? If so, come and join us for our highly rated Mastering Launch Excellence virtual series with Uptake Strategies’ expert facilitator Maxine Smith,