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Tag: healthcare marketing strategies

Unlocking Agility: Driving Innovation in Pharma with Agile Planning

Unlocking agility: How agile planning can help leaders drive innovation in the global pharmaceutical industry Stephanie Hall, Founder and CEO, Uptake Strategies  Agile planning is increasingly being applied in a range of industries, including the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, to help leaders make better decisions and drive innovation. Melissa Dagless,

Uptake Celebrates International Women’s Day 2023

Join Uptake in celebrating International Women's Day. Uptake Strategies is a proud female-led company committed to driving positive change within the pharma and biotech industry. We are happy to support International Women’s Day by celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness, and showcasing the action we have taken to drive gender parity,

Pharma Brand Planning in Uncertain Times: Synergies and Cost Transformation

Navigating Uncertainty: Finding Synergies and Cost Transformation as part of the Pharma Brand Planning Process Simon Hall, Head of Finance, Legal and Technology, Uptake Strategies Across the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, financial planning and cost efficiencies are critical components of brand planning, especially during times of uncertainty. The industry is

Joyful Agility: HR’s Transformational Role in Times of Change

From Uncertainty to Joyful Agility: HR's Transformational Role in Times of Change Chelsea Foxwell, Head of People and Operations, Uptake Strategies  As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of business, it's essential that HR leaders embrace and encourage agility and boldness. Melissa Dagless, Head of Growth and Innovation at Uptake Strategies

Innovative Impact Blog: Brand Planning in uncertain times

In these uncertain times, plan for the actions you may never take for brand planning success Authored by Melissa Dagless, Head of Growth and Innovation, Uptake Strategies for the PME Innovative Impact series. In this article for Pharma Market Europe, Melissa Dagless, highlights the importance of developing a culture of