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Tag: customer engagement

The Impact of Storytelling in Effective Pharmaceutical Marketing Communication

Taking a human approach for bolder brand and portfolio narratives Authored by Maxine Smith, Managing Director and Amelia Hutchins, Marketing Communication Director, Uptake for PME Innovative Impact Blog. By anyone’s standards, storytelling has experienced a remarkable ascent within the marketing landscape since 2012. Prior to this, according to LinkedIn[1],, not

Omnichannel Success Series, Part 4: The Power of Measurement and Agility

This four-part ‘Omnichannel Success’ series, created in collaboration with Uptake’s in-house omnichannel and digital healthcare experts, aims to demonstrate actionable ways to unlock the power of an omnichannel marketing strategy in the healthcare sector. With each part, we have included a free resource to help you shift from thoughts into

Unlocking the Key to Meaningful and Valued Omnichannel Connections

Leading the way through the Omnichannel maze   As we strive to better engage with customers and personalise interactions, how can we make each connection more meaningful?  Authored by Maxine Smith, Managing Director, Uptake Strategies for Communiqué 51 Magazine. In this article, Maxine Smith, highlights within the healthcare industry, there

Measuring what matters in pharma and biotech

Enjoyed part one of our Measurement Research? Have a read and download part two below. Uptake Strategies’ Senior Strategic Consultant, Vanessa Burrow and Founder, Stephanie Hall explored ‘Measuring What Matters’ in pharma and biotech.  In part two of their research they looked specifically at the Customer Experience, the journey the