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Supercharge your Pharma Launches in Uptake’s Latest Collaboration with CELforPharma

Are you ready transform your launch skills and take your launches to the next level, tackling those critical moments that can make or break your success? 

Join us for a game-changing virtual course, ‘Effectively Leading Country Launches in Pharma,’ “brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Uptake and CELforPharma.

Meet Jo Lopez, our Practice Lead – Early Commercialisation and Launch, who’s bringing her years of experience to expertly facilitate and share her launch excellence insights. Jo will guide and support participants through the ins and outs of launch excellence, helping you to develop meticulously crafted and cross-functional launch plans with clear roles and responsibilities for your team. It’s time to go beyond the basics and achieve exceptional results.

Throughout the course, Jo will share insights into crafting effective launch plans, complete with timelines and essential tools. Discover the secrets to finding the optimal ‘Go-to-Market’ models and learn the essential principles and tools for measuring progress. You’ll also pick up strategies for ensuring country-level launch readiness and creating post-launch optimisation plans that have a lasting impact.

Discover the agenda:

This one-day opportunity is crafted for leaders and key contributors in country launch teams. Get ready to elevate your skills, drawing inspiration from industry experts and the collective experiences of your international peers.

Don’t miss out on this chance to invest in you launch success. Head over to the course website to secure your spot and join us on a journey to master the art of ‘Effectively Leading Country Launches in the Pharmaceutical Industry.’ Let’s boost your leadership and strategic launch planning skills together for outstanding results!

At Uptake we believe in the power of knowledge and career development for sustained progression and our healthcare consultancy services and products are designed to support you and your teams future success.

Why not take advantage of our free Launch Excellence benchmarking tool to gain a rapid understanding of your current launch capability across seven levers, so you can uncover the steps needed to optimise for exceptional performance.

Pair LExLevel Pulse with the Uptake x CELforPharma virtual course, for enhanced Launch effectiveness across the board!

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