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Collaborating with the world’s leading pharma and biotech companies, to deliver bespoke consultancy across the pharmaceutical lifecycle, spanning planning, strategy, capability and launch.

Are you clear on the strategic decisions that need to be made for your healthcare brand to accelerate growth?

Creating aligned, focused strategies is essential for short- and longer-term growth and profitability across the full lifecycle of the brand, and in the face of significant competitor or environmental change.

The Uptake Team is experienced in providing strategic advice, whether at early or late phase, in development of your plans or at different stages of the lifecycle. We can help you to determine whether or not your different functional strategies are aligned and integrated into your overall brand or portfolio strategy.

Our experience enables us to deliver stakeholder and customer engagement strategies which bring omnichannel visions to reality, supporting the development of your processes, roadmaps, and internal execution.

By providing challenge, innovation and diligence, we can support your global and local teams to create a winning strategy.

Franchise / Portfolio Strategy

Defining the vision, objectives, synergies and portfolio prioritisation to optimise resource allocation to drive short- and long-term enhancements in healthcare portfolio performance.

Early Commercialisation Strategy

Facilitating aligned clinical, commercial, access and medical decisions at the earliest phases of commercialisation; managing different indications, prioritising different assets.

Customer Engagement Strategy

Development and evaluation of your strategies, including roadmap planning, process creation, internal execution, measurement, and channel specifics, including social media.

Competitive Strategy

Creation of competitive healthcare brand positioning, differentiation, messaging, tactics and chess-gaming strategies, and team workshops and training. 

Branding Strategy

Transforming brand performance by creating compelling brand personality, purpose, values, and lexicon, and developing tactics which engage internal and external stakeholders.

Positioning Strategy

Creation of insight-led positioning and value proposition statements to guide a brand’s strategic communications with strong emotional and rational differentiation.

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Strategy Development Consultancy

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Insight mining and strategic implications
Patient and HCP journey mapping
Competitive readiness and strategy
Segmentation, positioning and differentiation
Customer engagement vision and leadership
Customer engagement roadmapping
Social media strategy and planning

Thought Leadership