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Are you preparing to launch a new healthcare medicine, device or service?

Successfully launching a new healthcare medicine, device or service is one of the most exciting and rewarding things we can do in our industry. Our much sought-after Pharmaceutical Marketing Launch Excellence platform can be customised to companies, brands and markets and has been shown to correlate to superior launch performance.

We can support you in building a structured, robust launch plan tailored to the complexities of your brand, and can offer practical diagnostic tools to optimise performance at each phase of the launch.

We will share our expertise to ensure you and your team extend your launch skills, mindset and capabilities, and ultimately gain the confidence to go forward and launch your brand successfully.

Launch Strategy

During the early or later pre-launch phases, we can help you create a robust pharmaceutical launch strategy using payer / patient / HCP insights, competitive analysis and a deep understanding of the product profile and market landscape.

Launch Planning

We love launch planning – we partner with global, regional and local teams to stimulate the creation of world-class launch plans, to deliver uptake, positive customer experience and exhilarated launch teams!

Launch Readiness

The process of launch readiness reviews with empowered launch teams, as well as a clear process and indicators of launch readiness, can facilitate senior management engagement, discipline and urgency.

Launch Performance Optimisation

The performance of your launch in the first 3, 6 and 12 months after launch is critical to long-term success – how you analyse, engage, track and flex your launch plans during this time will deliver superior uptake.

Launch Team Training And Mentoring

Leading a launch is a big leadership task – we can help you with 1:1 or team mentoring sessions to identify your priorities at key phases in the launch, work more effectively and deliver a successful launch.

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