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Selling Your Brand Plan to Senior Management

Autumn is here and many of you will be finalising your 2017 brand plans.

Following on from our tips to running a great brand planning meeting, we are now sharing with you our guide on selling your brand plan to Senior Management.

Before you reach the presentation stage, ask yourself these 5 key questions:

1.  Have you clearly understood the needs of the plan presentation audience and the decisions or actions they will be taking as a result of the presentation?

2.  Is the patient and / or customer insight which underpins the plan linked clearly to the plan decisions and tactics?

3.  Will the plan inspire the audience with its patient centricity, competitor differentiation and innovative activities?

4.  Are the range of channels selected for key tactic delivery appropriate for the communication & behavioural objectives?

5.  Will your audience feel confident that the Key Performance Indicators identified will drive greater understanding of the plan progress and any course correction need.

View our infographic below for our guide to selling your brand plan to Senior Management: