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Reimagining the pharma marketing process: Red Thread Brand Planning

Delve into ‘The Red Thread’ and it’s impact on pharma marketing success!

Uptake Strategies’ Founder and CEO, Stephanie Hall, had the opportunity to join the PM Society’s LinkedIn Live session, as part of their PM Talks Podcast series. Stephanie shared her global healthcare consultancy experience to explain the different types of ‘Red Thread’ in pharma brand planning and revealed the secrets behind connecting various marketing activities and how they can contribute to the success of a brand.

Stephanie also explored the relationship between ‘The Red Thread’ and omnichannel brand planning campaigns, to ensure a thread is pulled through and connected well to your brand’s strategic choices and priority segments. Omnichannel marketing teams should adopt ‘The Red Thread’ to ensure target patients, prescribers and personas feel connected and can easily access their preferred content through their chosen channels. By creating consistency through a pharma brand plan, with strong core messages and an unwavering tone of voice that harnesses the power of the human touch, we can embed patient-centricity and connection to transform customer experiences.

Click here to watch the LinkedIn Live recording.

For more ‘Red Thread’ brand planning, scroll to the bottom to understand how to connect the dots in your pharma brand plan with our checklist and video.

Connect the dots in your Pharma Brand Plan with ‘The Red Thread.’

Stephanie, also had the pleasure of speaking at the PM Society’s Learning and Development Group Seminar, hosted at The Royal Society of Medicine. The event was an amazing opportunity for pharmaceutical professionals to focus on their healthcare marketing strategies.

Stephanie was joined by Scott Jardine, Head of Marketing at AstraZeneca, to discuss ‘The Red Thread’ where she was able to share her healthcare consultancy experience and expertise, along with Scott’s industry experience. They explained what ‘The Red Thread’ is and why it is important when working on a pharma brand plan.

Stephanie and Scott went through the steps needed to ensure key ‘Red Thread’ elements are embedded, to enhance patient-centricity and certify that tactics have a stronger impact within a pharma brand plan to improve a brand’s overall performance.

Pharma marketers report that earlier in their careers, they are focused on delivery tactics but may not always know what they are driving towards within their pharma brand planning strategies.

To help you connect the dots and recognise what you are aiming to achieve, the video below will take you through why ‘The Red Thread’ is important and the different types of ‘Red Thread’ there are in a pharma brand plan, from strategic and operational to numerical and customer focused.

The Uptake ‘Red Thread’ checklist below is an essential set of questions for you to ask yourself when building your brand plan. This will enable you to cover all bases so you can effectively use ‘The Red Thread’ to achieve brand planning success. To learn more, we have compiled a list of links for further reading so that you can become the next ‘Red Thread’ expert.

The Uptake Red Thread:

1 – Have you defined the problem, goal or challenge?

2 – Have you reviewed your source, context, stimulus, pain point, and insights?

3 – What are the prior dependencies or linkages to your goal?

4 – What is the output or outcome that will define success and for who?

5 – How do you measure the impact of your initiative?

6 – Can you describe your red thread narrative?

If you enjoyed this content but would like healthcare consultancy support from our team of experts, we can work with you to create bespoke approaches for brand planning success.

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