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Case Study

Transformational mindset change for enhanced performance

Expert capability consultancy to a cross-functional global biopharmaceutical company, developing confidence to adopt and embrace a ‘challenger mindset’.

The Challenge

Our client represented an ‘underdog’ brand. Launching two years behind the first to market, and with a fast follower on their tail, the cross-functional team lacked the confidence needed to win.

Why Uptake?

They were looking for a partner to help them build belief and embrace a robust challenger mindset, and Uptake demonstrated that we could do this by:

• gaining a deep understanding of the competition
• re-framing how the HCP makes prescribing decisions
• developing a compelling, memorable narrative.

An approach that inspires

We took the client on a journey, with 18 months of in-person interventions to deeply embed and sustain mindset transformation.

Uptake delivered:

‘David vs. Goliath’ – inspirational workshops in which we worked with the client team to create a brand new view of the competition, then reframed how to beat the giants.

‘HCP Perspective’ – educational capability development sessions recognising the magnitude of the prescribing decision to change to a different product, and then developing the skills to influence desired behaviour change.

‘Compelling narrative’ – creative workgroups co-creating ‘stories’ using story arc techniques to build stickiness and memorability for the brand.

Delivering positive outcomes

Uptake amplified cross-functional confidence, with a strongly differentiated narrative.

New outlook

Increased engagement and belief within the team that David could beat Goliath.

Refreshed mindset

A challenger mindset activated in annual brand planning.

Embedded brand

A differentiating narrative delivered with confidence, embedding the brand in mind of the prescriber.

Wider impact

A mindset ripple-effect with localisation of workshops and leaders actively role modelling.

Client Testimonial

Our collaboration in their words.

“Very challenging and motivating including emotion with a patient to help us think differently”

“I don’t know how you translated our thoughts into something so concrete and actionable with the team to evoke change”

Cross-functional team

Global Biopharma Company

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