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Case Study

Strategic pre-launch omnichannel integration for brand success

Uptake partnered with a UK specialist pre-launch brand to navigate a delayed launch, ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining high KAM engagement.

The Challenge

A UK specialist pre-launch brand was just weeks from its anticipated launch date when a minor legal issue pushed the launch back by a period of two months.

The UK leadership team approached Uptake and asked them to work alongside the Brand and KAM teams on any future launch preparations. Accordingly, the Uptake team was tasked with ensuring that all final launch preparations were completed, mitigating the impact of the delay, and maintaining KAM engagement and motivation levels.

An approach that inspires

The Uptake team adopted a highly structured approach to the launch preparation initiative. Our team took several strategic steps to ensure the successful completion of the client’s project launch.

Uptake delivered:

The Uptake team worked alongside the cross-functional team to develop detailed touchpoint maps and align all activities scheduled for the first 100 days following the launch

Each activity was refined so that it had a clear goal and a way to assess its impact

Each KAM used an overall touchpoint plan to develop a specific account and key customer journey plan and outline how progress would be monitored

Any duplicate activities were removed, and gaps were identified

Delivering positive outcomes

The Uptake team enabled this specialist cross-functional team to:

Launch success

The UK launch was the most successful country-level launch across the company.

Preparation and alignment

Align all post-launch plan activities to the touchpoints and develop a customer touchpoint map.

Refinement and engagement

Refine activities at a customer and account level and engage KAM teams with the launch preparation initiatives which increased by 23% during the launch delay.

Market leaders

Track and iterate the activities based on uptake. The UK brand became a market leader one year following the launch.

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