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Case Study

Shaping strategic and operational recommendations to strengthen the launch performance of a new treatment

Client: Launch team from a UK biopharmaceutical company

The challenge

How could the UK make the launch even more successful, with particular emphasis on the moderate vs the severe disease market?

Our approach

The approach

1. Uptake Strategies ran a diagnostic phase with interviews and a ‘key documents’ review to identify potential opportunities and risks

2. Aligned with a core cross-functional project team on recommended focus areas and associated measures of success to strengthen the brand performance

3. Designed and facilitated four short ‘adapted agile sprint’ meetings with the core cross-functional project team over a 2-week period

4. Post adapted agile sprint meetings, developing:

  • a road map detailing strategic and operational recommendations that highlight resource requirements
  • an executive leadership presentation outlining the diagnostic findings and the core team’s work process plus recommendations

The outcome

The outcome

The UK Executive Team endorsed the strategic and operational recommendations

The project was completed in less than 6 weeks, enabling some key recommendations to be incorporated into the quarter 3 cycle briefing and campaign materials

General Manager and Sales Director (project sponsor) feedback was extremely positive regarding the business impact of the  project deliverables and core team members’ experience

Given the business value of this work, the company has confirmed that they will commission a similar project in 8–12 months’ time

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies enabled the UK launch team to:

solidify and communicate the moderate vs severe disease brand strategy, positioning and ambition

update and clearly brief the sales campaign to tell a more compelling story in the moderate indication

develop a cross-functional partnership strategy with clear alignment on priority investment areas / resourcing