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Case Study

Practical and iterative global capability programme

Client: Global commercial excellence team from a leading pharma company

The challenge

A global commercial excellence team, supported by Uptake Strategies wanted to design, implement and evaluate a full-scale marketing capability development programme to ensure their global, regional and local marketing teams were equipped to deliver the future patient-centered, digitally-enabled vision of the company.

Our approach

The approach

To create programmes which enhanced both knowledge and confidence in new capabilities together with practical live learning application.

To drive a quality shift and capability application in global and local brand planning – tailoring the interventions to the planning cycle.

Monitor and measure progress on a regular basis leading to iterative improvement changes to continue to strengthen the programme for the benefit of the client team.

The outcome

The outcome

Exceeded goal of cross-functional teams and individuals’ engagement in capability programme in first 6 months

The application of the capabilities enabled the digital innovation team to leverage and develop their skills from the new patient journey capability

Achieved a significant increase in workshop participant confidence, knowledge and expertise

All brand strategy plans included at least 1 patient-centric high-level tactic / programme that directly connected to patient journey learning

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies enabled this leading global pharmaceutical brand to:

drive ‘cross functional collaboration uptake’

encourage ‘global and local team uptake’

spark the ‘uptake of new learning’

promote ‘embedding capabilities uptake’