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Case Study

Persona development

Client: Global and local brand teams

The challenge

Global specialist respiratory brand team looking to develop patient and customer personas to use to shape campaigns.

Limited knowledge across Global cross-functional team on the difference between segments, personas and relevance of each.

Personas needed to have local country broad input and support.

Some qualitative attitudinal data available with more planned.

Our approach

The approach

1. Uptake Strategies worked with small global group to examine existing market research to create loose attitudinal segments based on confidence to escalate treatment (customer) and attitude to disease (patient)

2. Segments sense-checked with wider Global and local team

3. Draft customer and patient personas created leveraging cross-functional team knowledge and insight

4. Personas sense-checked with wider Global and local team

5. Action plan to strengthen segments and test personas created and actioned

The outcome

The outcome

Segments and personas validated and strengthened by additional research and testing

Approach replicated by two other Global brand teams

Additional payer and carer segments and personas developed in following plan year

Names of the personas embedded across Global and local team – spoken of frequently during planning and monitoring discussions

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies enabled this specialist cross-functional Global and local team to:

understand what segmentation and personas can bring to a robust plan

have confidence to start the development of segments and personas without having all the answers

prioritise tactical plans in line with persona needs