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Case Study

Leveraging patient insight to define strategic drivers

Client: A cross-functional team from a leading global pharma brand, leveraging insight from the patient journey into the brand strategic drivers

The challenge

Leading global pharma brand looking to redefine strategy using patient journey insight. Current strategic drivers were perceived to be too internally focused and not reflecting patient experience.

Uptake Strategies were commissioned to work with the brand’s cross-functional team to leverage critical Insights from patient journey and use the insight to redefine the brand strategy and shape the tactical plan.

Our approach

The approach

Expert facilitators took time to really understand the patient journey insights and previous brand plan learning

Facilitators developed key questions to drive discussion in workshops and maximise time available

Engaging and thought-provoking set of working sessions delivered with a global cross-functional team. Significant input was generated from the lively breakouts which informed the new strategy.

All outputs refined and progressed post each workshop along with the Uptake Strategies team recommendations, to support core cross-functional team in their plan development.

Used brand specific organisational terminology to ensure all concepts were understood quickly.

The outcome

The outcome

Insight-based, differentiating brand strategy, aligned with the cross-functional brand plan

Post-workshop survey showed that 98% of participants were very clear on the next steps, and were confident about how to progress current issues

Uptake ensured new brand strategy strengthened the development of the cross-functional high-level tactics, which progressed with positive senior management feedback on the connected thinking

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies enabled this leading global pharmaceutical brand to:

increase ‘insight uptake’ with the brand strategy

increase clarity and confidence across cross-functional team

gain positive feedback from senior managers

advance uptake of top tier high-level tactics

further commissions: based on this project, the Uptake Team was commissioned again for a further project within the same pharmaceutical organisation