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Case Study

Innovation in the use of digital platforms

Client: An organisation competing in a challenging and ever changing COVID-19 business landscape

The challenge

An organisation experiencing multiple significant changes to their working environment, including company reorganisation, new product launches with challenging competitive and pricing issues, all during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Additionally, the field team spirit, morale and confidence were at an all time low with teams feeling ‘Zoom / Teams sick’ and looking for original ways to engage digitally.

Uptake was commissioned to build digital and omnichannel capabilities, whilst boosting confidence and morale of the team utilising innovative digital approaches.

Our approach

The approach

Innovative use of digital platforms to deliver training in a unique way to motivate and re-engage a deflated field force.

Utilising the theme of being stranded on a desert island, the team delivered a digital workshop experience that the field team could engage and relate to using backgrounds, fancy dress, clues and role play, all aligned to the business context and the project objectives.

Digital materials were sent in advance, including an invite to a day’s virtual yachting experience and materials for participants to capture pre-thought ahead of workshop.

The outcome

The outcome

Participants claimed the virtual experience was better than similar F2F events they had attended in the past

Most respondents found the session to be an escape from their day-to-day role which also had practical implications to learn and develop from

The respondents rated the session an average 9.4/10 in terms of how well the session was run and facilitated by the Uptake Strategies team

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies enabled this client to:

promote ‘inventive thinking uptake’

encourage ‘creativity through digital mediums uptake’

drive ‘team confidence uptake’

introduce the ‘uptake of new and innovative solutions’

further commissions: based on this project, the Uptake Team was commissioned again within the same organisation for a further project with the same field force team