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Case Study

Highly innovative marketing capability development for business growth

Expert capability consultancy to a global capability development team looking to engage hearts and minds to drive the future company vision.

The Challenge

Our client needed help designing, implementing and evaluating a full-scale, organisation-wide marketing capability development programme, and they turned to Uptake for assistance. The Uptake team’s objective was to assist with incorporating this novel development programme and ensure that global, regional and local teams were equipped to deliver the future patient-centred, digitally enabled vision of the company.

An approach that inspires

We guided our client through a bespoke and well-structured, rigorous, transformative capability development programme that would boost the company’s profile in the business environment, enhance its reputation, and thus drive brand growth.

Uptake delivered:

Invaluable support from senior stakeholders who were actively promoting and driving the programme.

Organisational buy-in with a significant shift in mindset, focusing on a change management approach.

Effective and time-efficient learning using a range of individual online learning, interactive and practical virtual and physical workshops, and live-action applications of capabilities in brand-aligned sessions.

Integration of capabilities with business tools and processes to strengthen the embedding.

Delivering positive outcomes

Uptake future-proofed cross-functional teamwork and created award-winning practices by:

Future Proof Practices

Shaping future business practices. We started to see an application of the capabilities through global and local brand plan evidence.

Progressed teamwork

We exceeded the goal of cross-functional teams and individuals engaged in the capability programme. A 22% confidence boost in knowledge and expertise among programme participants achieved.


Moving the patient closer to the heart of everything the teams do


Winning a Pharma Market Europe Award in ‘Capability Development.’

Do you aspire to seize the opportunities of a patient-centric, digitally-enabled future?

Our expert healthcare consultants have provided many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies with the marketing strategies, tools, and capabilities to drive uptake and customer engagement transformation.

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