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Case Study

Harnessing the power of omnichannel strategies to transform rare disease customer engagement

A UK Rare Disease Team aiming to transform their engagement strategies with a tailor-made, step-by-step plan for success.

The Challenge

In an inspiring collaboration, a UK rare disease team sought our specialised expertise in Omnichannel and Customer engagement with an aim to harness the power of omnichannel strategies to transform their engagement plans. Encouraged by Uptake’s ability to support teams in overcoming barriers and developing step by step approaches for success, the team wanted us to construct a powerful engagement plan, driven by the unique challenges they encountered in reaching out to patients within an exceedingly small pool.

With their small team of specialists, we joined forces to proactively help identify and manage patients, ensuring they receive the exceptional care and content they deserve through their desired channels. Their Key Account Management (KAM) based sales team structure were very familiar with their customer accounts with guidance shared from Global on what to achieve with customers, with an alternate perspective needed.

An approach that inspires

Uptake’s team of digital and omnichannel experts led the project and initiated a highly structured approach to ensure patients’ needs were at the centre of all decision making to be bold in their efforts to amplify quality engagement and positively impact lives.

The objective of the workshops included:

Creation of personas and customer behavioural objectives defined

Breakdown of behavioural objectives into smaller steps and mapping them to relevant touchpoints over time

Mapping of existing content to the smaller behavioural steps and channels to drive communication alignment (identifying gaps for action).

Prioritising ‘Boost’ channels per persona to amplify content impact through the selected channels

Delivering positive outcomes

Uptake enabled this well-known UK Rare Disease team to drive uptake across their business:

Scaled engagement

Started small and scaled their Customer Engagement Plans, making them structured and manageable. Our experts ignited a transformational path for persona-based Customer Engagement Plans, crafting manageable stages tailored for a specialist team.

Integrated teams

Integrating office and KAM knowledge and activity, we co-created persona-based objectives into empowering stages, fuelling a journey of growth and impact. This resulted in meticulous precision supported by the mapping of touchpoints, aligning and sequencing content by behavioural objective and delivery channel, fostering harmony and transformation

Role clarity

Clarifying roles and expectations between digital technical experts and brand teams, we encouraged collaboration and cross-functional working propelled through a detailed action plan to bolster the success of implementation.

Agility embedded

Provided a comprehensive brief for the teams Digital Marketers to build understanding of a minimum viable product approach to seamlessly integrate activities and connected tracking and reporting for continuous monitoring, learning and iterating.

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