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Case Study

Engaging and impactful US Launch Excellence capability programme

Client: US Launch Excellence team from a leading pharma company

The challenge

To design and deliver an onboarding, team building and training programme for the newly formed US Launch Excellence team of 15, and review progress plus share learnings after 6 months.

Our approach

The approach

Uptake Strategies designed and facilitated three workshops with specific objectives:

1. Create a common team purpose and determine how the positive business impact will be delivered and measured

2. Build team members’ knowledge of the company Launch Excellence Framework and how they can maximise brand value and internal stakeholders across different launch phases

3. Raise awareness of broader ‘launch-relevant’ company processes, tools and resources, and how these can support the launch effort

4. Create a stakeholder feedback survey and share results against team KPIs, learnings and challenges at workshop 4 to set priorities for the rest of the year

5. Provide 1:1 mentoring sessions for Launch Excellence team leaders

The outcome

The outcome

93% of the participants agreed the workshops were relevant to delivering the responsibilities of their role

100% of the participants agreed the facilitators demonstrated relevant expertise and enabled workshop objectives to be achieved

When surveyed at 6 months, senior commercial stakeholders agreed that the new Launch Excellence team is ‘positively contributing to internal launch planning and enhancing the quality of launch execution.’

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies enabled this new US Launch Excellence team to:

demonstrate business value to brands and cross-functional stakeholders

be recognised as experts in project management and launch excellence

operate as a high-performance Launch Excellence team