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Case Study

Development, roll-out and embedding a new vision and framework for Global Launch Excellence

Client: Global Launch Excellence from a top 20 pharmaceutical company

The challenge

Deliver and embed a single, shared vision and framework for launch success across the globe.

Our approach

The approach

1. Uptake Strategies designed and facilitated a workshop with a group of Launch Excellence ‘champions’ to co-create the company definition of Launch Excellence and associated strategic imperatives

2. Translated workshop outputs into a Global Launch Excellence Framework designed to enhance ways of working and capability of launch planning and execution

3. Facilitated a 2-day ‘train the trainer’ workshop to upskill nominated ‘champions’ on the new launch resources and their team roles

4. Continuing to help embed the new Launch Excellence guidance within Global and Affiliate launch teams via:

  • webinars focused on a particular launch phase
  • launch brand case studies
  • a company communications strategy designed to enhance awareness of the Launch Excellence approach, set clear expectations and drive action

The outcome

The outcome

93% of Launch Excellence champions felt the facilitators had strong skills and topic expertise and delivered the material in a clear, motivating way at the ‘train the trainer’ workshop

The communications strategy included pre and post year one benchmarking questions to track positive shifts in internal awareness and application of the company Launch Excellence guidance and resources by key audience

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies enabled the Global organisation to:

deliver a single, shared vision for launch success via one Global Launch Plan

enhance ability to address launch challenges with a well-managed launch readiness review approach

identify, share and act quickly on launch learnings to maximise performance of current and future launch brands