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Case Study

Developing future capabilities

Client: global capability development team looking to engage hearts and minds to drive the future company vision

The challenge

Design, implement and evaluate a full scale, organisation-wide, marketing capability development programme to ensure global, regional and local teams were equipped to deliver the future patient-centred, digitally-enabled vision of the company.

Our approach

The approach

Senior stakeholders actively promoting and driving the programme

Organisational buy-in with a significant shift in mindset – change management focus

Effective and time-efficient learning using a range of individual on-line learning, interactive and practical virtual and physical workshops, live-action application of capabilities in brand aligned sessions

Integration of capabilities with business tools and processes to strengthen the embedding

The outcome

The outcome

Exceeded goal of cross-functional teams and individuals engaged in capability programme

Started to see application of the capabilities through global and local brand plan evidence

Achieved 22% confidence, knowledge and expertise increase from programme participants

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies enabled this large, global pharma company to:

shape future business practices

progress connected cross-functional team working

move the patient closer to the heart of everything the teams do

win an industry award