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Case Study

Customer Engagement Plan

Client: UK rare disease team

The challenge

Challenge for rare disease team to find patients from very small patient pool.

Small group of specialists to work with to help identify and manage patients.

KAM based sales team structure very familiar with customer accounts.

Guidance shared from Global on what to achieve with customers.

Uptake Strategies tasked to work with team to build Omnichannel Customer Engagement Plan.

Our approach

The approach

Uptake Strategies initiated a very structured, step-by-step approach:


1. Personas created and customer behavioural objectives defined

2. Behavioural objectives broken into smaller steps and mapped over the time period together with touchpoints

3. Existing content mapped to smaller behavioural steps and channels to drive communication aligned (gaps also captured for action)

4. ‘Boost’ channels prioritised per persona to amplify the impact of content through these channels

The outcome

The outcome

The way forward for persona-based Customer Engagement Plans broken into small manageable stages for full specialist team

Clear persona-based behavioural objectives broken into stages

All touchpoints mapped and content aligned and sequenced by behavioural objective and delivery channel

Detailed action plan on how to implement this as a team and expand it further

Digital marketer briefed on activity to connect this with tracking and reporting systems for ongoing monitoring

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies enabled this UK team to:

start small and scale their Customer Engagement Plans by making it structured and manageable

integrate office and KAM knowledge and activity

clarify roles and expectations between digital technical experts and brand team

see how to monitor, learn and iterate