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Case Study

Creating a robust EU launch strategy for an asset being developed in multiple indications

Client: Global launch team from a leading pharma company

The Uptake Approach to the Challenge

The Challenge

When a global launch team needed help cultivating an EU launch strategy for an asset being developed in multiple indications, they turned to Uptake for assistance. The Uptake team was in charge of reviewing the team’s current global launch strategy in light of new EU payor research to provide strategic options for the EU launch. Uptake was then tasked with generating a corresponding action plan for each of these strategic options.

An approach that inspires

The Uptake team developed a well-structured, rigorous approach to ensure a successful EU launch. The team leveraged its industry knowledge to lay the groundwork for establishing a viable launch strategy.

Specifically, the Uptake team:

  • conducted interviews with members of the Global cross-functional launch team and key EU markets to identify functional perspectives and critical issues for the EU launch
  • generated potential regulatory filing and reimbursement strategy scenarios and highlighted the pros and cons for each
  • facilitated a Global and EU cross-functional workshop with 40 participants to:
  1. align on key considerations for each scenario and outline which scenarios to dismiss
  2. identify key decision gates and outstanding data requirements for the remaining scenarios and review and refine planned activities for these scenarios by function
  • coordinated alignment on assumptions for the commercial evaluation modelling of each remaining scenario
  • generated an executive leadership presentation detailing progress, strategic options, and investment required for a successful EU launch

Outcomes that drive uptake

Uptake enabled this leading pharma company’s global launch team to drive uptake across their business by:

  • recognising all the critical factors needed to inform EU launch decision making
  • navigating a complex problem by determining strategic options and a financially evaluated recommendation
  • aligning functional launch planning activities behind high probability scenarios for increased launch agility

Together, we achieved

Catalogue of the main project outcomes:

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