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Case Study

Creating a robust EU launch strategy for an asset being developed in multiple indications

Client: Global launch team from a leading pharma company

The challenge

To review the existing Global launch strategy in the context of recent EU payor research to generate strategic options for the EU launch, each with an associated plan of action.

Our approach

The approach

1. Uptake Strategies conducted interviews with members of the Global cross-functional launch team and key EU markets to identify functional perspectives and critical issues for the EU launch

2. Generated potential regulatory filing and reimbursement strategy scenarios and the pros and cons for each

3. Facilitated a Global and EU cross-functional workshop with 40 participants to:

  • align on the key considerations for each scenario and scenarios to discount
  • determine key decision gates and outstanding data requirements for remaining scenarios and review and refine planned activities by function for these

4. Co-ordinate alignment on assumptions for the commercial evaluation       modelling of each remaining scenario

5. Generate an executive leadership presentation detailing progress and strategic options and investment required for a successful EU launch

The outcome

The outcome

91% of the workshop participants reported that they now had greater awareness of the considerations that underpin the EU launch strategy

86% of the participants agreed the facilitators were knowledgeable and guided participants through the workshop process effectively

The Global Executive team endorsed the recommended EU launch strategy and accompanying incremental investment request

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies enabled Global and EU stakeholders to:

recognise all critical factors needed to inform EU launch decision-making

navigate a complex problem by determining strategic options and a financially-evaluated recommendation

align functional launch planning activities behind high probability scenarios for increased launch agility