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Case Study

Brand launch toolkit supporting multiple launches

Client: Country level launch teams (expanded to global)

The challenge

UK pharma oncology team were looking for a Brand Launch Toolkit, focused on their Oncology franchise (which had several launches expected over a short period) but with the flexibility to be adapted for the rest of the business.
The toolkit needed to:

– Provide launch team guidance on the key steps, processes and cross-functional interactions for different launch types

– Deliver consistency and efficiency in launch approach: combine company launch tools into one platform and establish consistent and comprehensive preparation for launch

– Be complementary to the overall franchise strategy

Our approach

The approach

Time was invested to consider the following critical elements to ensure that the toolkit would be relevant and continuously used:

1. Defining project success across the full range of company stakeholders

2. How to create the toolkit in a pragmatic way making sure it covered the key elements of launch success but also showcased how teams should work effectively in the launch process and was not just a checklist of what is needed to be delivered

3. How to embed the toolkit in the organization i.e., technological platform but more importantly the change management required for teams to fully engage with launch success

The outcome

The outcome

The tool was launched and the uptake from the teams exceeded expectations.  Three other Business Unit areas have adapted the tool for use with their brands and the Brand Launch Toolkit triggered the development of a ‘hub’ resource which allowed functions supporting multiple therapy area launches simultaneously to engage with Brand teams and plan resources and requirements.

Country General Manager quote from launch of the toolkit, ‘What this Launch Excellence tool will allow us to do is to simplify and align across the organisation where required. It will allow us to learn from each other and to share best practices that I know undoubtedly exist across our critical disease areas’.

Driving Uptake

Driving Uptake

Uptake Strategies helped this company to achieve:

greater Launch Excellence across all launch teams

launch Planning transparency and clarity across cross-functional brand teams

greater Launch learning sharing across the different launch teams