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Case Study

Boosting agile omnichannel campaign development capabilities

Uptake worked with 15 local brand teams to enhance their customer engagement and omnichannel capabilities for consistent, customer-centric communication across markets.

The Challenge

A collection of 15 local brand teams approached Uptake for support due our extensive experience in crafting customer engagement and experience campaigns or approaches that ensure customer-centricity is core throughout all communication, while seamlessly delivering the messages the customer needs and wants to hear. All while making sure all teams have the capabilitity and skills they need to deliver successful omnichannel campaigns.

Due to this experience and being impressed by Uptake’s seasoned experts and thought leaders in the omnichannel space, the client approached us to support with the challenges they were facing when aiming to globally roll-out the necessary requirement for prioritised brands in their key markets to adopt an omnichannel approach for their campaigns.  The local country teams also seeked our award-winning capability expertise, as they noticed there were significant cross-functional capability gaps across the board, with new local digital excellence leads in each country creating a broad range of campaign development quality, that needed to be refined and consistent across the teams. With extended roll-out to further markets planned, the client was confident that Uptake could help transform their campaigns and inspire exceptional consistency moving forward to bolster customer engagement success into the future.

An approach that inspires

The Uptake team designed a bold series of combined capability and live-action virtual working sessions with each cross-functional country brand team to encourage them to understand the building blocks needed to deliver agile campaigns that offer customers a positive experience regardless of the channel being used, and to equip their customers with the correct messaging to improve and positively impact patients’ lives.

Our impactful series of workshops covered the following elements:

A persona development session to build from segments and understand customer usage

Campaign objective and measurement planning using a specific pan-industry model

Behaviour shift mapping to drive a key message plan for content to then sequence across their different channels

Action and governance planning to initiate a campaign plan

Delivering positive outcomes

Uptake enabled each country and prioritised brand team to:

Capability improved

Improve the uptake of team capability training, whilst executing a campaign to drive business.

Campaign delivered

Work as a cross-functional team to deliver their first omnichannel campaign for key markets and created concrete deliverables for teams to build upon for future campaigns.

Measurement embedded

Increase the uptake of ongoing iteration and monitoring across campaigns into a standard way of working as a brand team

Planned tactics

Consider how planned tactics and deliverables can become part of an omnichannel campaign

Do you want to deliver your first successful omnichannel campaign?

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