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Pharma Marketers’ Blog: Creating Life Cycle Strategies for the Future of Your Team’s Success

Adopting varied perspectives on health management can benefit a wider range of people

Authored by Maxine Smith, Managing Director, Uptake Strategies for the PME Marketers’ Blog

In this article, Maxine notes that most of us will work across the main life-cycle stages of a product at some point in our careers.

Maxine lists a few questions to consider:

If we put ourselves in the shoes of patients, what would we – as our ‘pharma selves’ – want to be thinking about?

As we move from the shoes of patients to putting on healthcare professional thinking caps, I wonder how different the questions from the patients would be?

Maxine has examined the three more traditional stakeholder groups, but as we think about future LCM, we need to also look at defining, categorising, and considering emerging stakeholders, such as digital patient champions, new sources of insurance or funding, different health delivery models, good incentive-based health management, and more.

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