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Pharma Brand Planners’ Blog Part 5: How to ‘Sell’ Your Brand Plan…

Part 5: How to ‘Sell’ Your Brand Plan…

Authored by Stephanie Hall, CEO and Founder, Uptake Strategies for the PME Pharma Brand Planners’ Blog

In this article, Stephanie is focused on ‘selling’ your brand plan to your internal colleagues and management for the company to gain key decisions you need on strategy, resourcing, tactics, and budget.

Stephanie highlights that the first thing to consider is who the key audiences are that you to engage with and what you need them to know or do.

She noted that some of the best presentations used are multimedia, music, video, flip charts, a team approach, and above all, a passion and commitment for the brand and what it can offer for patients’ lives and healthcare professionals’ practices.

Stephanie concluded by highlighting that there are many great books on presentation skills. She recommends ‘Present Like a Pro’ by Cyndi Maxey and Kevin E O’Connor.

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