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Omnichannel Success Series, Part 3: Overcoming Barriers to Omnichannel Implementation

This ‘Omnichannel Success’ series, created in collaboration with Uptake’s in-house omnichannel and digital healthcare consultancy experts, aims to demonstrate actionable ways to unlock the power of omnichannel. With each part, we have included a free resource to help you shift from thoughts into action. Scroll to the end for the download.

If you missed it, read Part One and Part Two of the ‘Omnichannel Success’ series to explore the differences between multichannel and omnichannel in further detail and learn how to transform brand planning for enhanced customer experiences.

Overcoming Barriers to Omnichannel Implementation: Shifting from Traditional to Future-Proof.

The implementation of omnichannel strategies has become increasingly crucial in today’s pharmaceutical landscape, and the ability to provide customers with a seamless and integrated experience across multiple channels is a key differentiator for success. However, we need to navigate the various barriers that can hinder the successful adoption of omnichannel approaches.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the history and structure of siloes have posed significant challenges. This article explores the barriers of omnichannel implementation and highlights how you can adopt a mindset shift to overcome them and achieve omnichannel success.

The Impact of Siloes:

Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has been characterised by siloes, driven by regulatory and process requirements. These siloes, while serving specific functions and purposes, have hindered the seamless integration of customer interactions across various touchpoints. In today’s digitally connected world, customers expect a cohesive and personalised experience regardless of the channel they choose to engage with. To meet these expectations, we must transcend the boundaries of siloed operations, connect the dots and adopt a customer-centric approach.

Shifting the Focus to the Customer:

Successful omnichannel implementation requires the pharmaceutical industry to truly shift perspective from brand-centric to customer-centric. This paradigm shift requires the organisation to bring customer insight from Health Care Professionals and from patients into their planning and design processes. By taking this approach, pharma companies can tailor their strategy to meet the unmet needs and preferences of their customers.

The Mindset Shift:

To make a positive impact on patients’ lives we need to undertake a significant mindset shift, which is a critical step in overcoming the barriers to omnichannel implementation. This shift includes a willingness to challenge the status quo, embracing innovation to create a future-proof omnichannel approach and delivering in an agile way. Focusing on innovation and using technology to streamline processes will accelerate your ability to meet your customer with the right message, at the time and place they wish to engage.

By acknowledging the importance of delivering value at every touchpoint, the pharmaceutical industry can realign strategies to prioritise customer needs over internal processes. To ensure this is successfully implemented in our teams and organisations we need to be willing to challenge the status quo, question existing norms, and embrace innovation to create a future-proofed omnichannel approach, delivering in an agile way, whilst being open to using advances in technology, which combined can inspire exceptional outcomes.

Letting Go of Perfect:

Laying the right foundations for omnichannel – people, processes and technology – is essential for optimising customer engagement. If you don’t have them in place today, it’s time to start planning and implementing change in your organisation. But if you wait until you have the perfect omnichannel set-up, you may miss short-term, actionable opportunities to improve customer engagement. By not doing something, we don’t achieve or learn anything. Perhaps it’s time to embrace imperfection until your longer term omnichannel plans come to fruition.

Overcoming the Barriers:

While the barriers to successful omnichannel implementation may seem formidable, they are not insurmountable. By addressing these challenges head-on, we can pave the way for a seamless and integrated customer experience, using the following key strategies to overcome these barriers.

  1. Leadership and Organisational Buy-in: Leaders must champion the shift towards omnichannel and drive organisational alignment, emphasising the importance of customer-centricity.
  2. Collaboration and Communication: Breaking down siloes requires fostering collaboration and communication across teams, departments, and brands. Encouraging knowledge sharing and cross-functional cooperation can lead to a more integrated and consistent customer experience.
  3. Technology and Data Integration: Investing in robust technological infrastructure and integrating data from various sources can enable the pharmaceutical industry to track and understand customer behaviours across channels. This enables the delivery of personalised and relevant experiences.
  4. Continuous Improvement and Adaptability: Implementing an omnichannel strategy is an iterative process. We must continuously evaluate and adapt our approach based on customer feedback and emerging trends to stay ahead of the curve. By embracing imperfection and using minimum viable products, we can adapt to a test and learn approach which will deliver valuable insights and build strong foundations for long-term success.


If we work together to move from traditional siloed operations to a customer-centric approach, we can provide seamless and integrated experiences across channels. Embracing collaboration, technology, and continuous improvement will help create a future-proof omnichannel strategy. By breaking down barriers and prioritising the customer, we can thrive in an increasingly connected world and deliver exceptional experiences to customers.

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Overcoming Barriers to Omnichannel Implementation: Conversation Starters

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