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Meet the Team

We are a global healthcare consultancy, made up of bold thinkers with huge collective pharma and biotech industry knowledge and practical experience.

The Uptake Team is connected through mutual values and driven by a shared purpose. These foundations support our approach to the work we do, making ‘inspiring exceptional’ a joyful experience.

Leadership Team

Stephanie Hall

Founder and CEO

Maxine Smith

Managing Director

Simon Hall

Head of Finance, Legal and Technology

Melissa Dagless

Head of Growth and Innovation

Chelsea Foxwell

Head of People and Operations

The Uptake Team

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Jo Wake

Practice Consultant &

Launch Excellence Lead

David Thwaites

Account Director Speciality Care and Omnichannel

Karen Willard

Senior Consultant

Lauren Tyson

Senior Account Manager

Eve Tullett

Account Manager

Brennan Brown

Senior Project Manager

Jesse Magorrian

Junior Project Manager

Angie Gooch

Productivity Manager

Belinda Blakeney

Copy Editor and Operations Manager

Sophie Franks

Senior Finance and IT Coordinator

Cathy Nolan

Practice Consultant

Laura Fontana Sabatini

Senior Consultant

Tommy Edmond

Finance Director

Ben Wilcock

Senior Account Manager

Nusrat Jahan

Senior Project Manager

Emily Wheeldon

Senior Project Manager

Steven Jones

Project Manager

Matthew Scofield

Project Management Assistant

Annicia Thompson

Project Management Assistant

Kelly Hallowes

Creative Design Lead

Aman Birdi

Digital Marketing & Design Executive

Natalie Dale

Senior Consultant

Amelia Hutchins

Marketing Communications Director

Nicola Corrigan

Account Director

Catalin Rusu

Account Manager

Isha Raj

Senior Project Manager

Mikela Zerafa

Project Manager

Cameron Francis

Project Manager

Ozan Karaca

Project Management Assistant

Kanushiya Karunakaran

Project Management Assistant

Lauren Pearson

Capability Manager

Beatrice Moll

Copy Editor

Jon Compton

Senior Consultant

Joanne Horne

Client Innovation Director

Jo Manev

Account Director

Elizabeth Bolivar

Account Manager and Digital Lead

Marjory Chiyesu

Senior Project Manager

Jack McCollum

Project Manager

Qada Ahmed

Project Manager

Georgia Baskeyfield

Project Management Assistant

Eve Crush

Team Administrator

Alex Leavold

Finance Analyst

Jack Moore

Creative Design Manager

Alice Walker

Senior Account Director

Jason Bryant

Senior Consultant

Jon Reid

Senior Manager HR Programmes

Emma Phillips

Account Manager

Emily West

Senior Project Manager

Jefin John

Project Manager


Project Manager

Jordan Forteath

Project Management Assistant

Natalie Mewes

Leadership Team Assistant

Zeenat Chaudry

Finance Executive

Simon Heather

Creative Artworker

Rachel Foley

Senior Strategic Consultant

Alexandra Fulford

Senior Consultant

Claire Harrison-Cox

Attraction and Onboarding Manager

Jessica Grant

Account Manager

Rachel Moran

Senior Project Manager

Iruni Rabel

Project Manager

Emma Weaver

Project Manager

Crystal Lim

Project Management Assistant

Yuliya Pyrozhak

HR Systems & Project Manager

Connor King

Digital Marketing Manager

Independent Principals

Caroline Horwood

Rachel Azcona

Jason H

Carla Van De Gutch

Mary Ridgard

Bob Perkins

Kate Browne

Bee Pandya

Joanna Potts

Liz Kirk

Jeanette Storey

Guillaume Karremans


Louise Collins

Liz Ainsle

Jane Counsell

Welfare Team

The welfare team are responsible for ensuring there is a positive and productive working atmosphere at our London office. Their listening skills are a great resource for the Uptake team when needing to work through complex challenges, and a fantastic sound board for brainstorming new ideas.

Our office has achieved ‘Responsible Employer for Dogs in the Workplace’ status, to support the wellbeing of our whole team.

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Chief Welfare Officer

Zoe Hall is our Chief Welfare Officer, and she can often be found checking on each individual member of the team throughout her day and skilfully uses her warm and empathetic attitude to encourage regular rest breaks, thus improving her team’s efficiency. With 9+ year experience in her current role, Zoe is a valuable asset to the Uptake team!