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Medical Affairs Excellence Virtual Series | PM Society

Are you in a progressively demanding Medical Affairs role or new to Medical Affairs and would like to deliver impact in your new role? Or do you have colleagues facing these challenges?

If so, come and join us for our Medical Affairs Excellence virtual series with Uptake Strategies’ expert facilitators, Caroline Horwood and Melissa Dagless, hosted by the PM Society.

Across the five short modules, we will explore concepts, capabilities, and tools recommended by senior medics with significant pharmaceutical industry experience, including Strategy Development, Insight, and Leadership, Shaping the Brand Plan, Multichannel Medical, and Stakeholder Engagement.

The module series starts on 11 October 2021 with Strategy Development and then continues with short 2-hour interactive, virtual modules on 11, 13, 15, 19 & 21 October.

Module 1 overview – Strategy development (11th October)

1 – What is strategy development and why is it important for the Medical Affairs function?

– Review what strategy and strategic thinking are and why they are important to the medical function.

– Explore why strategic thinking is a unique differentiator for the medical affairs function.

– Understand the importance of strategy for medical and how to develop and communicate them.


Module 2 overview – Insight and leadership (13th October)

2 – Insight generation and the leadership role of Medical Affairs

– Understand the difference between data/information and insights.

– Understand how to develop insights that matter and share them with impact both externally and within the organisation e.g., to shape the Brand or R & D strategy to improve outcomes for patients.

– Identify what are the priority areas to explore using a patient journey map and aligned to brand strategy.


Module 3 overview – Shaping the Brand Plan (15th October)

3 – The role of Medical Affairs in shaping the Brand Plan

– Review the annual Brand Planning cycle that exists across the Pharmaceutical industry at global and local levels.

– Demystify jargon, myths and watchouts.

– Reinforce how the medical team adds value at multiple points along the Brand Planning journey including strengthening the competitive situation through evidence generation and pulling in HCP, Payer and Patient insights.

– How to develop the Medical plan as part of the Brand plan.


Module 4 overview – Multichannel Medical (19th October)

3 – Building a tactical multichannel Medical Affairs Plan

– Understand the range of tactics available in a medical affairs plan across digital, hybrid and face to face channels

– Create HCP and patient-centric medical engagement tactics aligned to clear objectives and brand priorities

– Define the key steps to implement a medically led project working with key external and internal stakeholders


Module 5 – Stakeholder engagement (21st October)

5 – Engaging with stakeholders and the power of networks

– Understand the critical role that medical play in engaging externally to share scientific information.

– Cover practical topics from a medical perspective to understand what a KOL is and how to develop/execute an engagement plan of relevance linking to the Brand Plan.

– Activate thinking about both the importance and the requirement to internally network to engage multiple functions for Brand and personal development.


At Uptake Strategies we are uniquely placed to share our insight and experience to deliver custom-made solutions to drive medical and commercial performance to strengthen your Medical Team capability.

If you would like to extend your Medical Affairs knowledge and capability and gain the confidence you need to grow successfully within your role, please visit, to sign up and attend the series.