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Measuring what matters in pharma and biotech

Enjoyed part one of our Measurement Research? Have a read and download part two below.

Uptake Strategies’ Senior Strategic Consultant, Vanessa Burrow and Founder, Stephanie Hall explored ‘Measuring What Matters’ in pharma and biotech. 

In part two of their research they looked specifically at the Customer Experience, the journey the customer goes on from adoption to engagement, and how we can effectively measure customer engagement and patient centricity.  

Uptake Strategies’ industry research shows that the pharma / biotech industry is lagging behind other industries in customer satisfaction.  But why does customer engagement matter in the healthcare industry? We are facing dramatic changes in pharma, from overall marketing expenses being cut, higher demands from regulators and payers, access to prescribing getting harder and patients becoming more empowered. This means that companies which proactively engage the customer, whoever that may be, will be able to navigate the rapidly changing environment.  

Traditionally, the pharmaceutical sector has been a ‘push’ industry, one where marketers and sales reps ‘push’ their products onto customers, predominantly either physicians or patients. The spread of new digital platforms and the organisational models they permit, are promoting the emergence of a ‘pull’ industry – one where customers are empowered to understand their personal needs and seek out appropriate solutions and products accordingly. A customer’s relationship with a brand is experienced through prompt subscription deliveries, responsive customer service and high-quality medicines – moments of truth in which concrete services overlap with a customer’s overall opinion of a brand. Identifying exactly which moments shape customer engagement is important for formulating a workable strategy and knowing what to measure.

Customer-centric metrics and KPIs are the most valuable measures to track across key patient, payer and prescriber segments. Defining and delivering on customer experience can result in more loyal, vocal and active prescribers. Measuring how, when and where target customers engage with your brand and company is an essential part of marketing measurement. At present very few pharma / biotech teams are measuring customer engagement and experience or allocating budget to tracking these important metrics.

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