If you are involved in a launch in 2017, join us for ‘Mastering Launch Excellence’, a workshop specifically designed for healthcare executives from Pharma & Biotech companies who want to learn more about the process & principles of leading and executing a successful launch.

Delivered by experts in healthcare launch excellence, and using real-world case studies and experience, this workshop will help give you models, tips and tools to apply to your launch.

Key topics covered include: 

  • Definition of ‘Launch Excellence’ using industry award winning examples
  • Examination of the 10 organisational launch capabilities needed to be successful
  • Key stages of launch planning and priorities stage by stage
  • Overview of the launch leader role and how to build a strong cross-functional launch team
  • The 5 ingredients of a winning launch plan
  • How to manage risk and uncertainty and launch pitfalls pre and post launch
  • Key performance indicators to manage launch performance
  • Assessing launch readiness and optimising early launch uptake.

More information about the workshop, including how to book, can be found on the PriMe Training website. Click here.

In the words of recent participants:
“Ready to start working with clients more credibly on launches. Ready to keep learning!”
“More informed and knowledgeable…. Confident”


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