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The free pharma Launch Excellence benchmarking tool, powered by Uptake

“Knowledge is powerful. Take advantage of Uptake’s benchmarking tool and discover your priority actions for 2024, to strengthen your team’s capabilities for winning pharmaceutical launches.”

Jo Lopez, Uptake


To say that launch success is paramount in pharmaceuticals is an understatement. After supporting our clients with over 200 launches, the Uptake Team has developed a deep understanding of the capabilities required for exceptional performance.

We define these capabilities as ‘the seven levers of Launch Excellence‘, and we firmly believe that a pharma team’s level of sophistication in each of these has a proven impact on the success of a launch.

LExLevel Pulse enables pharmaceutical professionals to gain a rapid understanding of their current launch capability for each of the seven levers, benchmark this capability against the wider pharma industry, and discover the steps needed to optimise for exceptional performance.

How does it work?

Simply complete a short self-assessment, then Uptake’s Launch Excellence team will get to work.

Within a few short days, you will receive your bespoke report,  providing you with your overall LExLevel score and your benchmarked rating for each of the seven levers of Launch Excellence, along with our actionable recommendations.

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Why have we created this tool?

Uptake’s healthcare consultancy with global pharma and biotech companies puts us in a unique position. We aim to positively impact patients’ lives through our work, by inspiring exceptional healthcare performance. LExLevel Pulse is a wonderful example of our purpose in action.

Some of the most commonly cited challenges to launch are rapidly evolving standards of care, the requirement of different launch considerations for new therapies and innovations, and intense competition.

This tool offers launch teams a brand new opportunity to assess their capability, and to understand where they need to focus and prioritise, to have the biggest impact at launch.


Receive a clear analysis of your current launch capabilities, benchmarked against the wider pharma industry.


Gain expert advice to unlock the opportunities to enhance launch capabilities and optimise performance. 

The seven levers of Launch Excellence

LExLevel Pulse offers a comprehensive assessment of launch expertise across seven core levers of Launch Excellence: 

Benchmarked capability

For each of the seven levers, you will be given your current benchmarked level of capability:

Foundational, Established, or Exceptional.


The business hasn’t started work, or is still in the early stages of development.


Good progress has been made, however there are inconsistencies or gaps.


The business is benchmarked as an industry leader for this lever.

In addition to this capability appraisal, our report will provide you with a clear situational analysis, and a summary of our recommended next steps for launch transformation, unlocking your opportunities for exceptional performance.

Continual capability measurement

The pharma launch landscape is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve requires agility and innovation.  

LExLevel Pulse can be used as a key tool supporting capability measurement and continual improvement.

Re-visit the tool annually to assess performance enhancements and receive an update on your current benchmarked position.   

Let’s go!

Developed by Uptake’s pharmaceutical Launch Excellence experts

Stephanie Hall

Founder and CEO

Maxine Smith

Managing Director

Melissa Dagless

Head of Growth and Innovation – Partner

Jo Lopez

Practice Lead – Early Commercialisation and Launch

Cathy Nolan

Practice Principal

Natalie Dale

Senior Principal

Laura Fontana Sabatini

Senior Principal

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