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Leveraging Launch Levers

Actionable pharmaceutical launch excellence and early commercialisation thought leadership and tools

Successfully launching a new healthcare medicine, device or service is one of the most exciting and rewarding things we can do in our industry. Having facilitated over 200 launches using our highly sought-after, tailored approaches, Uptake’s experts are poised to confidently guide teams in developing robust plans that underpin the achievement of exceptional launch performance.

Within a constantly evolving and increasingly competitive launch environment, it is essential to ensure teams are equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to incorporate agile processes, engage customers effectively and adopt emerging techniques to ensure teams are prepared, and channels and content are carefully considered for a superior launch.

In this multi-part guide, experts from across the consultancy have shared their insights, firmly grounded in evidence and experience, along with actionable steps to set you on a streamlined path to success.

Once you have read the articles, we invite you to use our new benchmarking tool, based on the ‘seven levers of Launch Excellence’ – LExLevel Pulse.

Download the resource pack to get started!

What’s included in the Leveraging Launch Levers resource pack?


Step One: Two articles

Download both articles as a PDF

Step 2: Discover LExLevel Pulse

Let’s fast forward:

You’ve read the Leveraging Launch Levers pack and have implemented the seven steps for exceptional pharmaceutical launches, however you want to take your launch strategies that step further and equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to fill your capability gaps.

At Uptake, we define the capabilities essential to launch as ‘the seven levers of Launch Excellence‘. We firmly believe that a pharma team’s level of sophistication in each of these has a direct and significant impact on the success of a launch.

LExLevel Pulse enables pharmaceutical professionals to gain a rapid understanding of their current launch capability for each of the seven levers, and benchmark this capability against the wider pharma industry, while discovering the steps needed to optimise for exceptional performance.

Explore how LExLevel Pulse works

Step 3: Get in touch

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