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Innovative Impact Blog: Pharma industry scenario planning – outsmarting unpredictability

Outsmarting unpredictability: Using scenario planning to keep ahead in the pharma industry.

Authored by Stephanie Hall, Chief Executive Officer, Uptake Strategies for the PME Impactful Innovation Blog.

In this article for Pharma Marketing Europe, Stephanie emphasizes the crucial role of scenario planning in staying ahead of the curve. Given the complexity of our ever-changing pharma industry, it’s essential to avoid “winging it.” Steph provides a clear pathway for implementing scenario planning through a collaborative and cross-functional approach.

Stephanie highlights the COVID-19 pandemic as an example mega-disruptor, which the pharma industry had to adapt to through new channels and ways of operating in an inefficient and disconnected way. The roadmap provided in this blog will support you and your teams to navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare, whilst ensuring decisions are truly patient-centric.

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