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Innovative Impact Blog: Brand Planning in uncertain times

In these uncertain times, plan for the actions you may never take for brand planning success.

Authored by Melissa Dagless, Head of Growth and Innovation, Uptake Strategies for the PME Innovative Impact series.

In this article for Pharma Market Europe, Melissa Dagless, highlights the importance of developing a culture of continuous refinement and flexibility, due to the traditional annual brand planning process no longer being sufficient in a world of constant change. She explores focussing on proactivity and pre-arming teams with the tools to respond to emerging trends and risks, which requires a transformational shift towards enquiring minds and insight generation, with regular tracking of lead indicators and pre-defined lag indicators.

Melissa suggests by implementing agility and flexibility into your brand planning process, decisions can be reliably led by causes rather than results. This approach will ultimately lead to the development of a brand that maintains its impact throughout the year, driving performance for patients, clinicians and the organisations alike.

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