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How to think differently about Multichannel marketing in pharma

How to think differently about Multichannel marketing in pharma?

Chance to access our Digital Pharma Advances Conference ‘Multichannel in Pharma’ presentation!

The Uptake Strategies team were delighted to sponsor and present at the 2021 Digital Pharma Advances Conference yesterday.

Our Managing Director Stephanie Hall and Maxine Smith thoroughly enjoyed hearing different ideas from the 38 leading pharma brand speakers, as well as sharing learnings from the Uptake Strategies team in their session “How to think differently about Multichannel in Pharma?”

The Uptake presentation explored seven key questions for teams to consider when building successful Multichannel campaigns – challenging us to think more broadly about capabilities, goals, and the customer experience as well as the channel mix and content selection.

1 – What are your team’s Multichannel capabilities?

2 – What are your goals for Multichannel success?

3 – Who are your priority brands and teams?

4 – Is your multichannel marketing framework fit for purpose?

5 – Who is involved in Multichannel programmes?

6 – How well are your programmes being implemented?

7 – How are you measuring the impact and refining?


If you would like to use these questions to strengthen your thinking, please see below or click here to download a copy of the presentation, or alternatively contact Need help thinking differently about Multichannel marketing in pharma, in your team? Contact to find out how we can help you!

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