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How to create a one page brand plan

We challenge ourselves at Uptake to help healthcare teams create structured, customer focussed, impactful brand plans that deliver measurable business results and a positive contribution to the healthcare patients and physicians. So can we really synthesise a healthcare brand plan on a page?

Yes, we think you can!

Of course, this one page needs to be underpinned with rigorous thinking, insight strategy and operational capabilities. Behind each segment lies a set of interconnected decision-making steps with input from the entire cross-functional team to truly deliver a healthcare brand plan with UPTAKE.

If you’d like help in creating an agile, high quality, impactful brand plan or to know more about how to use the one page brand plan, contact us now!

If you would like a high resolution copy of this infographic in poster form, please email This is edition 3 of our 4-part brand planning poster series available exclusively to our clients on direct request.