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Healthcare Marketing Capability Audits

Do you know how your team’s marketing capabilities benchmark?

Investment in marketing capabilities is one of the key drivers of competitive advantage. We have a proven, unique and validated Marketing Capability Audit tool which will not only assess your marketing team’s capabilities but benchmark their competency level vs. industry standard ratings.

We have delivered healthcare Marketing Capability Audits in 30+ countries across Asia, LatAm, USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa over the past 10 years. Focusing on 5 capability areas;

 1.  Analysis & Insight

2.  Strategy & Planning

3.  Channel Selection

4.  Customer Experience

5.  Implementation and KPIs

Monitoring & Control our Marketing Capability Audit can be applied across a range of marketing roles, seniority & experience and can deliver measurable competency increases of 11-33% year on year when combined with our award-winning Marketing Training Programmes.

Read more on our Marketing Capability Audit service page here or to discuss how we could help you benchmark and strengthen your marketing capabilities, please contact