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Celebrating Uptake’s Double Victory at the National Business Women’s Awards 2023: Employer of the Year

Healthcare Consultancy Uptake named Employer of the Year 2023

After an extraordinary night at the National Business Women’s Awards, the Uptake team proudly celebrated not one but two remarkable wins – the prestigious Employer of the Year Award and our Founder and CEO Stephanie Hall’s International Business Women’s Award.

The incredible recognition of Uptake as the Employer of the Year is testament to our successful business transformation journey. Uptake’s Head of People and Organisational Transformation, Chelsea Foxwell, and her HR team played a pivotal role in fostering a kind and supportive culture amid our rapid growth. Chelsea shares her pride in our journey, highlighting the doubling in size, evolution of work processes, and the maintenance of a kind and joyful culture.

In Chelsea’s own words “this achievement is the result of our commitment to hiring the right people, fostering talent, providing a positive work environment, while infusing fun and prioritising the team’s wellbeing. This Employer of the Year award is a collective acknowledgement of each team member’s contribution to making Uptake an exceptional workplace.”

Claire Harrison-Cox, our Attraction and Onboarding Manager in Chelsea’s HR team , also expresses her joy in contributing to building a bold and joyful culture, encouraging growth, and career development through a unique approach with Uptake’s Founder and CEO Stephanie Hall’s, personal mission of crafting a healthcare consultancy that inspires everyone to build meaningful and fulfilling careers in the forefront of our minds. Our team have been dedicated to retaining the best people while maintaining a sense of connectedness cross-functionally, with 99% of our team feeling valued and 80% feeling part of the Uptake team.

The success of winning Employer of the Year is attributed to the exceptional contributions of our people for championing initiatives that contribute to the team’s sense of valued, reinforcing our commitment to our purpose. Chelsea has been instrumental in this triumph and has extended this impact and skill set to our global healthcare consulting work with our wonderful clients through change management and transformation projects. Connect with Chelsea via to gain valuable insights that will fortify your teams capabilities and ensure your culture is ever-present during periods of change and growth.

Healthcare Consultancy Founder named International Business Woman of the Year

Our Founder and CEO, Stephanie Hall was over the moon that Uptake had been recognised for Employer of the Year and for receiving the International Business Women’s Award which spotlights Uptake’s devotion to encouraging agile ways of working, international growth, and evolution. Our award-winning international consulting work is a key driver of Uptake’s growth, as we collaborate with clients on complex multi-country projects with embedded methodologies and patients’ needs at the centre.

The internal training programmes we have created for our Senior Principals and project teams embody our international ethos, ensuring all global consulting skills are cutting-edge and adaptive during a transformational era for the pharmaceutical industry. Our expert teams at Uptake extend their capabilities beyond borders, translating global and local strategies with agility, creativity and alignment to pharmaceutical companies which support them in positively impacting patient’s lives and driving exceptional performance.

Maxine Smith, Managing Director, Uptake described working with Stephanie as a pleasure, and shared that Steph’s award recognition is a reflection of Uptake’s high-performing, high-growth international trading and the teams collective efforts in building and strengthening international business expertise across the team to deliver key consulting services globally, and tailoring approaches to diverse healthcare markets.

As our exciting journey continues, we express our gratitude to our clients for joining us on an agile journey, where learning, testing, iterating, and encouraging ongoing innovation are at the core of success.

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