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Thought Leadership

How to fix an underperforming healthcare brand?

The Uptake team have been consolidating our approach to ‘fixing’ an underperforming healthcare brand with a structured 5-step process. Product performance can flatten or decline for a number of reasons and at any stage of the product life cycle. However, a rigorous strategic and operational

The Best and Worst Metrics for a Healthcare Launch

We are often asked about good and less good metrics for measuring pre, peri and post launch performance.  It can be a complex area and one that can create internal organisational hot debate or friction at times.  So this month, we have complied the good

What’s your healthcare brand story?

Next in our series is a one page framework to tell your healthcare brand’s “story”. Using our expertise in building strong consumer and ethical healthcare brands, we have created a method for telling your brand’s story in the insights, vision, experience, value and purpose of

How to create a one page brand plan

We challenge ourselves at Uptake to help healthcare teams create structured, customer focussed, impactful brand plans that deliver measurable business results and a positive contribution to the healthcare patients and physicians. So can we really synthesise a healthcare brand plan on a page? Yes, we think

Healthcare Marketing Capability Audits

Do you know how your team’s marketing capabilities benchmark? Investment in marketing capabilities is one of the key drivers of competitive advantage. We have a proven, unique and validated Marketing Capability Audit tool which will not only assess your marketing team’s capabilities but benchmark their

Selling Your Brand Plan to Senior Management

Autumn is here and many of you will be finalising your 2017 brand plans. Following on from our tips to running a great brand planning meeting, we are now sharing with you our guide on selling your brand plan to Senior Management. Before you reach

Managing Risk: Survey results

We conducted a ‘bite-size’ survey in January 2016 on what we, in the Healthcare industry, regard as the biggest risks and how effectively we believe we manage these risks. View the results here: Uptake Strategies: How do you manage risk? ‘Bite-size’ Survey Results >>