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What Kind of Pharma Marketer Are You?

At this mid-point in the year, you may be reviewing progress vs objectives and your professional marketing development plan. Using our experience working with healthcare marketers across different companies, countries and types of role, we have crafted 5 marketer ‘profiles’ and some recommendations for how

XFT Chaos in your Brand Team?

Authored by Maxine Smith. As many of you may be kicking off your cross-functional brand team (XFT) approach to brand planning for 2019, we thought you would like to see the Uptake Strategies “10 ways to build a high performing XFT”, based on our years

Why Are Healthcare Companies Lagging In Customer Satisfaction?

In the final instalment of our 2016 research of Customer Experience in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, we measure the current perception of customer satisfaction and experience from the viewpoint of healthcare professionals and explore ways in which this may be improved. Our research suggests that pharma

Part 3 of Customer Experience In Healthcare

The much-awaited part 3 of our 2016 Customer Experience (CX) research, ‘Are healthcare companies delivering great customer experience?’ is now available. Following parts 1 and 2 (please email if you would like to request copies), part 3 titled ‘Understanding Our Customers’ explores the qualities

What Really Annoys Key Opinion Leaders?

Understanding and gaining the support of your Key Opinion Leaders can be critical to the success of your brand. Research conducted by Uptake Strategies reveals the top ten things that KOLs find most annoying in their interactions with pharmaceutical companies and the top 8 ways

Benefits of a Marketing Mentor: White Paper

There are many recent studies and articles on the value of not only one mentor but several mentors both inside your organisation as well as outside who can guide, advise and inspire you along your career journey. Uptake Strategies’s latest white paper outlines the benefits of

Customer Experience Research in Healthcare: Part 2 Available

In January we published Part 1 of our latest research ‘Are healthcare companies delivering great customer experience?’ and Part 2 is now available! The second part of this customer experience research in healthcare explores how healthcare companies are working to gain customer feedback and the