Case Study: Simplifying a Global Marketing Excellence Academy

Box Icon The challenge

The challenge

A UK based global pharma company had created, over time, a large and complex Global Marketing Academy with lots of tools, materials and activities that were difficult to access and not being used across marketing teams. Some programmes were overly detailed and complex and needed to be simplified, updated with newer examples and made more practical to marketers’ roles.

Box Icon How we tackled it

How we tackled it

Working with the global marketing excellence team, we created a plan of action to refresh and simplify core materials, delete some and re-organise on the internal learning management system for ease of reference. A common language, style and references were developed as well as new material on insights, patient journey mapping and measurement of marketing effectiveness.  The core workshop programme on brand planning with supporting co-creational workshops was rolled out across USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America.   Measurement was put in place to audit the improvement in marketing competencies, use of global digital resources and application to local brand plans.

Box Icon The business impact

The business impact

Participant satisfaction with the revised workshop content and delivery increased to 95% with all top 12 priority countries involved in the global marketing excellence workshop programme. The programme exceeded all targets on downloads of global resources and use of the global brand plan templates in local brand plans.  An audit of the quality of brand plans across a sample of countries and brands showed a 25% improvement.

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