Case Study: Brand Planning for a respiratory portfolio

Box Icon The challenge

The challenge

A local respiratory brand team within a large primary care business unit recognised the importance of creating a robust, competitive brand plan using the collective expertise of their cross-functional team in a local market with significant cost pressures.

Box Icon How we tackled it

How we tackled it

We conducted a detailed review of the previous year’s brand plan, current performance and competitive landscape utilising a broad group of cross-functional brand team members including sales, medical, key account, market access and marketing. Through a series of structured planning sessions, the brand plan was created including more focus on patient insights, local territory access, clearer differentiation and simpler messaging.  Programmes were created in working sessions and reviewed and prioritised as a cross-functional team.  We captured all outputs, challenged the team’s thinking and supported the creation of a robust and polished brand plan presentation with the full support of the team.

Box Icon The business impact

The business impact

The local GM complimented the team on the improvement in their brand plan’s quality, logic and ambition where a growth target of 8% year on year was set. The brand team were recognised internally for the strength of their cross-functional working and close collaboration with the leaders of the large primary care sales team.  New research was commissioned to strengthen physician insights and a new campaign was launched to deliver the growth target with revised messaging.

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